Sick Look Revisited

A frozen tome, he email me: "Hey, we finding the zone / of course you know this already?" xx Open the grimoire, remove the static field of dust / The sick look, the ancient's ambivalent praise of death: "You send me 3 vicodin through Skype, now…" Agony, as a brane of calcite shatters above your skull.
Photography: Natascha Goldenberg & Alex Field  
Styling: Alex Field 
Model: Alex Field

Vintage Silk Vest, Vintage Sweatshirt, Sweatpants by Material Boy

Family Ring, Electronic Thermometer

Vintage T Shirt, Custom Muscle Shirt, Fleece Neck Wrap by Turtle Fur, Thermal Long Underwear by Hot Chilis

Vintage T Shirt, Boxer Briefs by Tommy Hillfiger, Socks by Brooks Brothers, Trainers by Nike

Shirt by Barbour, Vintage Night Shirt, Swim Trunks by O'Neill

Waxed Cotton Cap by Barbour, Sweater by Raf Simons, Custom made Cock-Ring/Leather Harness by Jessica Reaves

From Sex Magazine #2 Winter 2012
Labelled Fashion